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Many people dream of traveling the world, but at times the thought of packing a bag and exploring the world can seem a bit daunting. Travel podcasts offer some of the most insightful information for individuals considering the life of a world traveler. Below are just a few of the myriad podcasts out there that aim to assist aspiring explorers in their quest to seek adventure across the globe.

The Thought Card

Those who desire the life of a traveler but are unsure where to start with their financial situation should start their journey with The Thought Card. This world-traveler podcast is operated by Danielle Desir who focuses on teaching more effective spending habits so that travelers can dig their way out of debt and explore the world with newfound financial freedom.

Flight of Fancy

Ben Groundwater’s 30-minute episodes cover nearly every topic a world traveler may want to know. From sketchy situations at the border and how to deal with them to typical tourist destinations and why they are still worth a visit, adventurers can learn the ins and outs of traveling from Ben by listening to his informative events.

On She Goes

On She Goes is a podcast built specifically for women of color who wish to see the world. There is a lot more to learn about traveling than simply how to save money and where the most beautiful locations are found. These episodes focus on a multitude of topics from the different experiences women of color can have while traveling, including hairy situations that may occur and how to safely get out of them.

Wild Ideas Worth Living

There are few travel podcasts that inspire a person to put in their final notice at work, but Wild Ideas Worth Living is definitely one that inspires the adventurous side in any listener. Hear the stories of notable climbers, photographers, and marathoners who share their unforgettable travel experiences from around the globe.

These are only a small selection of the myriad of travel podcasts that can be found online these days, so be sure to explore the options available before finalizing plans for an upcoming spontaneous adventure.