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Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the United States of America is its landscape: diverse and monumental, the countryside provides plenty of alluring stretches along the way. A road trip allows for individuals to get to know some of these spots. There are fewer experiences as unique and dense as a road trip. Pack the bags and venture forward; the road awaits.

Portland to Los Angeles

The coast is a gratifying place. There are fewer road trips as appealing to those who find peace along the Pacific Ocean more than a road trip from Portland to Los Angeles. There’s much to see along this two-state route–drivers will want to pay attention along the winding coastal cliff roads that provide bountiful beauty.

Road trips that offer layers of appeal make for a positive experience. Go from forest to mountain, beach to fields of wildflowers on this route. Those looking for charm and a sense of pleasure that only the west coast can offer will be pleased driving from Portland to Los Angeles.

National Parks in the Southwest of the Country

Another road trip for the intrepid explorer is to stop at some of the most dreamlike places the country offers. The green forests from Portland to Los Angeles are certainly beautiful; one can find a different sort of style when traveling across the southwest portion of the country. The National Parks there are mystifying. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada are all worth a visit. A person will find Zion National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison any plenty more throughout these states. There’s nothing as appealing as a wonderful visit through a park dedicated to natural beauty. A road trip throughout the southwest will put a smile on a traveler’s face.

Bold Coast Scenic Byway

Stephen King has been attempting to put Maine on the map for years, but Maine first stepped out on the stage long before the prolific writer put ink to paper. This byway offers over 100 miles of natural shoreline. A voyager will find forests and shipyards along the way. Don’t hesitate to visit the highest spot in the state at Arcadia National Park in Cadillac Mountain. The beauty of a well-planned road trip can’t be properly summed in words.