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Traveling on a budget is exciting and an adventure in itself. A few pointers to keep in mind when one is on a budget.


A trip to the Alps or a visit to Paris is a dream for many tourists, but the world is big and offers a vast plethora of options. Most Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and India are a hit among tourists on a shoe-string budget. European countries like Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain are great alternatives to pricey countries like the UK and France. South American, Central American and African countries are good choices for the budget traveler


Chart out travel plans beforehand. Collecting points on personal credit cards when traveling for work and using sign-up bonuses when buying new credit cards are ways to plan one’s vacation. Traveling off-season and on weekdays helps cut down both on airfare and accommodation expenses. Visiting places with higher exchange rates for dollars stretches the budget considerably. This article helps in narrowing down on cheaper flights. Travel agents in most countries offer cheap package deals which include flights, transportation, sight-seeing, and accommodation.


Shared accommodations, hostels, and staying with acquaintances are wonderful options for the budget traveler. Travelers looking at luxury on a budget can opt for hotels with complimentary breakfast and laundry machines to cut down on costs. Camping is an awesome way to enjoy the local weather and stay on a budget as most campsites have toilets and shower facilities.

Eating at local restaurants and trying out local food help stay on a budget. Many local families host meals at nominal costs at their homes, the bookings are done online. Shopping at local markets for fresh produce and cooking your own meal is a great way to experience the local food choices.


Travelers can get free accommodation and food at many small hotels in exchange for use of their skills like photography, writing, website development, etc. Cordial relationships with the locals lead to great experiences like hidden trailing treks and local eateries undiscovered by the typical tourist. Use the local mode of transport, go cycling or better still, enjoy a walk. Research free tourist attractions like museum tours, local government initiatives to promote tourism and free walking tours. This page will give more information on budget traveling.